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African Consumer Protection Agency (afcopa)

We are on a mission to protect our fellow African brothers and sisters from potentially harmful products.

In the absence of any meaningful consumer protection agencies, especially for sub-Saharan black African populations, manufacturers have failed to implement the same standards of manufacturing as they do for products destined for western, non-African consumers.

operational sectors

Consumer Protection

AFCOPA aims to highlight concerns of African consumers and to upgrade standards and quality control protocols

Consumer Network

Building a network of African consumers provides a fast and reliable platform to communicate and information about concerns, thereby raising awareness on consumer product standards

Safety & Fraud Control

Cooperating with, and assisting Government agencies, NGOs, Whistleblowers and Consumers in monitoring, detecting and implementing proper safety and fraud-prevention mechanisms

Epidemic Alerts

A platform for early warnings in emergency consumer alerts

Product and Service Quality

Introduce and ensure the application of acceptable manifacturing and supply-chain standards


Promoting environmentally friendly manufacturing practices to ensure long-term benefits for both consumers and manufacturers