About Us

Welcome to African Consumer Protection Agency, AFCOPA®

We are on a mission to protect our fellow African brothers and sisters from potentially harmful products.

In the absence of any meaningful consumer protection agencies, especially for sub-Saharan black African populations, manufacturers have failed to implement the same standards of manufacturing as they do for products destined for western, non-African consumers. The more reports we receive from you, the better we can inform and protect other consumers.

Reports from African consumers have highlighted food products that contained impurities like glass, wood and metal splitters, stones, sand, pieces of plastic and many more.

We have also observed irregularities ranging from false labelling on packages, to the use of toxic chemicals which can cause serious illness and may even lead to death.

Afcopa is dedicated to spreading the word about products which have been flagged as potentially harmful by government agencies, watchdogs and average consumers.

We ask all our African brothers and sisters to help protect other consumers by sending us any complaints you may have concerning products you bought.

Send us a mail to the following address: alert@afcopa.com

Or simply submit your report through this online FORM

Rest assured that we will investigate every report or complain you send to us, and send a word of caution to other consumers if warranted.

Help us protect you and your African family.

Afcopa: Passion for Action!